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ipl_book_coverYou Are Not Alone — We Are All Just Imperfect Parents Looking For Answers

Two parents. Two careers. Three kids with learning disabilities. Something had to give. We knew we needed help, but we didn’t know where to find it. Countless hours of research and reading left us with more questions than answers. Everything that had been written by so-called “parenting experts” was filled with information about WHAT you should do, but no one ever talked about HOW to actually do it in the real world. There was no manual, no template for better parenting. So, we decided to write our own playbook.

Better Insight; Better Parenting

Writing a book was never our intention — it was an afterthought. Our purpose was to put together a simple framework for communicating that would lead us out of the darkness and into a place where our family could succeed. In the end, we created a roadmap to help us thrive as a family. Now we want to share what we learned with you to help your family succeed, be happy, and grow together. You’ve heard it before — parenting doesn’t come with a manual. Well, the manual on better parenting is finally here. Whether you’re a married couple with multiple kids or a single mom or dad raising one child, if you simply want a happy family that thrives together, How Imperfect Parents Lead Great Families is for you.

As I read ‘How Imperfect Parents Lead,’ I found the stories eerily similar to situations that arise in my house. Parenting is the hardest and most important job any of us who are blessed to have children will ever have. Dale and Monica’s honesty and openness make this a must read for any parents who want to be better. Their lessons are practical and fun. Following their framework will make you a better person and a better parent, which ultimately leads to a stronger family.

Stacey Feiner
Author, Talent Mindset: The Business Owner's Guide to Building Bench Strength

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