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Every journey has a beginning and this is yours. You agree that a better me is a better we, and you want your family to be together stronger. You’ve become aligned in purpose with your spouse, and you’re working toward the betterment of your family. Now you’d like to have some parenting discussion guides to help you and your family stay on the same page? We’ve got you covered.

We believe that families succeed when they know who they are by establishing, living and communicating through their values.

All parents worry about something associated with their children and family. Family is a continuous balance between doing enough for our children and managing the day to day chaos of our lives. To exacerbate the problem, being a parent is an imperfect role. This website, these tools, and our recently released book, were built to help other families succeed by bringing your family together, enhancing communication and turning your effort into positive experiences.

If you worry about your family, want to increase happiness and lead a great family, then take the time to download our parenting discussion guides and start taking action with your family.

These parenting discussion guides don’t tell you WHAT to do, they show you HOW to do it — how to establish a culture of communication in your home, bring your family together through unity by aligning your values and purpose, communicate consistently and continuously with clarity to provide the example you want your children to learn from, and grow your children’s confidence through action by turning all their efforts into positive experiences.

Parenting Discussion Guides

Getting Started Discussion Guide

A Better Me for A Better We Discussion Guide

Family Huddles Worksheet

Defining Your Family Values Worksheet

A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents

We’ll continue to update and add to our list of parenting discussion guides, so check back often on your journey to a better family — a family that communicates and works together.

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How Imperfect Parents Lead Great Families isn’t a book about what you should do, it’s a playbook that tells you HOW to deal with the challenges we all face as parents.


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