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You don’t have to do it alone.

No parent is perfect, but there is a way to embrace our imperfections, set an intention for our families and lead them to epic success.

It can seem difficult to get started, but the secret is in knowing who you are as a family and acting on that knowledge daily.

As we started on our path toward creating this site and our book, we realized that just sharing our stories and frustrations really helped people. That inspiration continues to help us get better every day.

This resource section will be updated frequently as we talk with more people about their journeys. In the meantime, here are some resources that we hope can help you get started today.

Podcast: How Imperfect Parents Lead Great Families

Trying to figure this whole parenting thing out is easier said than done. Knowing this, what we learned through our experiences is that we needed our own playbook on parenting.

Dale was on the Sliced podcast where he got to share our story and talk about our new book. He gave a rundown on how we came to become co-authors and how this journey changed our family.

He also discussed how we decided to replace texting with family huddles, and how we came together to cultivate our own set of family values.

Dale’s resounding message throughout the podcast? Create a common language and a culture of communication in your house, and most importantly, establish values.

When he was asked why we decided values were going to be the core of our family, Dale replied, “They’re getting their values from somewhere. The question is, ‘Are they getting them from you?’”

You can listen to the entire Sliced podcast here.

See what helped inspire us on our journey to create a culture of communication at home.

Read more about the book we created documenting our journey.

Get copies of our discussion guides.

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How Imperfect Parents Lead Great Families isn’t a book about what you should do, it’s a playbook that tells you HOW to deal with the challenges we all face as parents.


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