Our Story


Our family is like many other American families — two working parents, three busy kids, one demanding dog, and a chaotic household — dealing with the daily grind of school, work, activities, homework, dinner, and everything else that today’s busy families have on their plates.

But in our family, mom (Monica) and dad (Dale) were really struggling. We weren’t communicating with each other; we were dictating to each other. Even when we did talk, the conversations inevitably turned into discussions about the kids and what each one of them needed to do differently. Instead of working through issues and getting to the root of our problems, we argued and pointed fingers.

Interactions with the kids weren’t much better, especially considering that all three children were struggling with varying degrees of ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. Our house just wasn’t a home, and we were on the fast track towards a family breakdown.

Two parents. Two careers. Three kids with learning disabilities. Something had to give. We knew we needed help, but we didn’t know where to find it. Countless hours of research and reading left us with more questions than answers. Everything that had been written by so-called “parenting experts” was filled with information about WHAT you should do to build a better family, but no one ever talked about HOW to actually do it in the real world. There was no manual, no template. So, we decided to write our own playbook.

How We Built a Better Family

Writing a book was never our intention — the book was an afterthought — all we wanted to do was put together a simple framework for communicating that would lead us out of the darkness and into a place where our family could succeed and thrive. And by focusing on unity, clarity, and action, we did just that.

We struggled as a family; we tried and we failed — and tried and failed again — but in the end, we built a solution, a framework to thrive as a family. Now we want your family to succeed, be happy, and thrive as well. You’ve heard it before — parenting doesn’t come with a manual. Well, now it does.

How Imperfect Parents Lead Great Families is more than a book; it’s guiding philosophy that focuses on the importance of establishing family values, creating a culture of communication in your home, and being an intentional parent that understands the importance of being the best example you can be for your children.

Whether you’re a married couple with multiple kids or a single mom or dad raising one child, if you simply want a happy family that thrives together, How Imperfect Parents Lead Great Families is for you.

So if you’ve ever wondered if you’re doing the right things for your family, or if you’re being the best spouse, partner, and/or parent you can be, know that you are not alone. We are all just imperfect parents looking for answers. And we can help each other.

Get the book here, check out our downloadable discussion guides, learn more about our methodology, and read our articles. It’s time to take the first step towards a better family, and that first step starts with you.

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How Imperfect Parents Lead Great Families isn’t a book about what you should do, it’s a playbook that tells you HOW to deal with the challenges we all face as parents.


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