Gather Together


Establish your family’s Culture of Communication by bringing your family together.

All parents aspire to have a family that stays close, communicates and enjoys spending time together. We want to know what’s going on in our children’s lives. Additionally, we want to raise children who will make the right choices when we are not there to guide them.

To establish an intentional culture of communication you must begin with a framework to drive conversation. When you build a series of steps around a desired outcome, you ingrain a process that is repeatable. Putting a process in place around communication supports effective interaction. For families, wrapping processes around communication provides the framework to support effective family interaction around the exchange of ideas and your values.

We encourage you to initiate the practice of family meetings and huddles. The best format for you and your family is the one you actually implement and carry out. You will find that the easiest path to happiness in our family is to do something intentionally and consistently.

Where you begin:

I. Define the Structure and Format of your gatherings

  • Family Huddles & Family Meetings: Plan before you implement.
  • Define the logistics: Time, Location and Duration — Be Consistent
  • Define the framework for your discussion: What do you want to cover?
  • Decide the frequency of family meetings.
  • Define meeting rules.
  • Write down what the framework of meetings and huddles will look like.
  • Family Huddles versus Family Meetings:
  • Huddles are more frequent and short (10-15 minutes max).
  • Meetings are weekly and semi-monthly — a place to expand on conversations and make decisions and plans as a family.

II. Bring Your Family Together

  • Gather your family and introduce the concept of family huddles and meetings and why you are going to hold them.
  • Set the expectation of involvement: “We are a family that communicates.”
  • Discuss why communicating is so important to your family.
  • Clearly define the times and location of your meetings or huddles. Be consistent.

III. Be Prepared

  • This will take time. Don’t get frustrated. Press on and be flexible in what is discussed.
  • Make your family meetings and huddles interactive, conversational, and fun.

Be a family that communicates: Gather Together

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