Declare Your Values


Define what you believe in through your Family Values.

Declaring your family’s values is an important step in creating an intentional family culture. When you and your partner share the same values and speak with one voice, it is far more likely that your children will accept your values as their own. The lessons you teach will be consistent, continuous, and in a common language that your children will learn to understand to help create unity.

Where you begin:

I. Sit Down and Define

  • What you want for your family.
  • What you believe in and what you want your children to believe in.
  • What kind of person you want your children to be today and become as adults.
  • What you want to teach your children.

II. List Values

  • Start a list of values that resonates with you. Don’t hold back write down what has meaning to you.
  • Group the values into common themes and meanings. Find values that have similar meaning, this will help you in narrowing your list.
  • Take your time, this is about purpose not perfection.

III. Narrow the List of Values

  • Discuss your list of values. Discuss what each one means to you and why you think it represents your family and what you believe.
  • Pick the best (6-10) values that best define what is important to your family.

IV. Define Your Values

  • Create simple, age appropriate definitions for each value.

V. Declare Your Values

  • Prepare to share them when you gather together.

Define who you are and what you believe in as a family: Declare your Values

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