Use a Common Language


Develop a common language to use as a framework for your family’s culture of communication.

Your family values – give you the framework for effective communication and become the cornerstone of your family’s common language. They are the starting point for talking with your children about positive and negative actions. Not only does this framework help you direct your communication, but it provides your children with familiar words and direction.

Sociologists tell us that common language is a critical component of every culture, not only because it facilitates communication, but because it strengthens a sense of identity or belonging among members of the culture.

The most important common language in any home should be the continuous reminder to your children that you love them. With love, we build trust, and with love and trust, anything is possible.
It’s important to remember that your family’s common language is not an afterthought to your efforts to become a better family. It’s the glue that cements you together.

Where you begin:

I. Remember: “I Love You”

  • “I Love You” is the foundation for your family’s common language.

II. Your Culture of Communication

  • When an event occurs and you need to respond, start with a family value to give direction to the conversation.
  • Using your values in teachable moments reminds your children that your family’s values are important.

Start with your Values: Use a Common Language.

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