Give Them the Why


The learning and experience is in the why. Give them the why.

We are our child’s first and most important teacher. In everything we do, we are presented with the opportunity to expand their experience and knowledge. When we provide clarity and embrace their questions, we give them a chance to learn from their experiences.

We want our children to learn and think for themselves, but so often we give them tasks to fulfill without understanding the reasoning behind why it’s important and why we’ve asked them to do it. They only learn when they understand the purpose or the why.

Give them the why, embrace their questions and fulfill that curiosity. You should have a conversation that helps them understand your perspective, but don’t forget to understand theirs. Giving them the “why” enhances your culture of communication and where there learning begins.

Where you begin:

I. They Learn When They Understand the Why

  • The learning, experience and knowledge is in the why. Take the time to give it to them.
  • The better the understanding, the greater chance of success — even with small tasks.

II. Yes, It Takes More Time

  • What takes more time now will take less time later. The more they understand today the faster they will learn to do it themselves.

III. Do you Know Why?

  • When you can define and explain the why easily, then your explanation likely aligns with your family values and beliefs. If “because I said so” is your strongest defense, then you might want to spend some time reflecting on why yourself.

Begin the learning: Give Them the Why.

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