Consistent and Continuous


Be continuous in what you do, be consistent in how you do it

Learning takes time and the more consistent you are, the more quickly your children learn who you are, what you believe in and how you do it. Children need consistency in their life and the consequences of inconsistency is self-evident.

At times, the lack of predictability and reliability can create anxiety and confusion for our children. Our consistency and continuity builds and strengthens our children’s trust with us. They develop the comfort of knowing what to expect of us and what we expect of them. They can rely on how we will communicate with them, how we will respond to their concerns, and that we will support them in times of need.

When you are continuous and consistent, your family becomes aligned more quickly, your communication has more clarity and your family’s overall culture of communication is enhanced.

Where you begin:

I. Be Intentional

  • Intention on your part transfers to understanding quickly on your children’s part.

II. Be Predictable

  • Predictability builds comfort and trust, because your children know what to expect.
  • Predictable routines increase your probability of success.

III. Family that Communicates

  • Being consistent and continuous as a family that communicates builds the framework to address issues and build family unity.

In what you do and how you do it: Be Continuous and Consistent.

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