Be the Example


Your actions speak loudly. Your children become what you show them. Be the Example of your values.

When we speak to our children, we are consciously (most of the time) aware that we are communicating and sending a message. But the truth is, our actions teach our children more than anything else. They are watching and learning from us constantly.

The example we provide helps to form our children’s habits. Our behavior could be the difference between a child who grows up confident and one who does not, or between a child who grows up taking responsibility for his life and one who blames others for his failures. Living by your family values provides an intentional continuous reinforcement of who you are, what you believe in, and how you do things.

What example are you providing, and are you aware that you are providing it?

If we want our children to stop or start doing something, then we have to go first. If we want our children to become their best, then we need to become our best, first. That means being a better parent. You are your child’s most important teacher — be The Example you want your children to learn from.

Where you begin:

I. Example, The Best Teacher

  • Take notice of what you say and how you do things. Remember to walk the walk, and talk the talk in front of your children. They are watching.
  • Write down some of the things you recently did or said in front of your children. How do you think your words and actions were interpreted? Were they the example you wanted to provide? When you write things down, unforeseen wisdom appears.

II. Example Game

  • Watch your kids. Observe good and bad habits, and then write down where you think they learned each one.
  • Start working to change the bad habits in both you and your children.

III. Discuss

  • It helps to discuss with your family what you have observed and how you want to improve on the bad habits.
  • Ask: What are some things I’m doing that I may not be aware of?

IV. Self-Police

  • When you are doing something that sends a message that is inconsistent with what you want, call yourself out, say I’m sorry, and tell others that it is not the example you want to be.

Example is the Best Teacher: Be The Example.

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