Let Them Do It


Experience builds knowledge, knowledge builds confidence and confidence builds everything else.

At some point children learn to do certain things for themselves. Even though we learn by watching others, we learn most effectively when we do things ourselves. The more we perform a task or a skill, the more experience we gain, and the more confidence we have in our ability to execute that task or skill.

Therefore, the more experiences we give our children, the more knowledge they gain and have to build upon. It might be easier or quicker in the moment to do it for them or make decisions on their behalf, but when we do that, we are stripping our children of opportunities to gain experience and knowledge.
You need to decide as a parent what gift you will give your children. It’s either the gift of dependence because you do things for them or the gift of independence because you encourage them to do it for themselves.

Experience in life is critical. It is ultimately what builds confidence. All that is needed is for you to invite your child into the experience. We are all a series of our experiences, so give your children the gift of independence and let them do it.

Where you begin:

I. Experience – Confidence

  • We learn when we do. Give your children a chance to learn by doing.
  • Confidence comes from our experiences. More experiences for your child means they will gain more knowledge. The more knowledge they gain; the more confidence your children will build in themselves.
  • We are all a series of our own experiences and have learned through all of them, good and bad. Help your kids gain experiences small and large.
  • Take the time to teach.

II. Fail Your Way to Success

  • Teach your children to take the first step. The willingness to fail means your child’s willingness to learn and grow.
  • Failing is a learning experience. Even when we fail, we gain knowledge and experience.
    Let them fail and they will grow.

III. Stop It – Bite Your Tongue

  • Let them answer for themselves.
  • Imagine the day you are not there for them.

Give them the gift of independence: Let Them Do It

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