Our Methodology


Purpose Not Perfection

We believe that families succeed when they know who they are by establishing, living and communicating through their values.

All parents worry about something associated with their children and family. Family is a continuous balance between doing enough for our children and managing the day to day chaos of our lives. To exacerbate the problem, being a parent is an imperfect role. This website, these tools and recently released book, were built to help other families succeed by bringing your family together, enhancing communication and turning your effort into positive experiences. If you worry about your family, want to increase happiness and lead a great family, then take the time to read through our guidelines on how to take action.

Our promise is to share with you the HOW not the what, so you can start communicating with purpose.

The three key tenets of our methodology are:

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How Imperfect Parents Lead Great Families isn’t a book about what you should do, it’s a playbook that tells you HOW to deal with the challenges we all face as parents.


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