Nobody’s Perfect: How Imperfect Parents Lead Great Families

You’ve heard it before, “parenting doesn’t come with a manual.” Well, now it does. The story told in How Imperfect Parents Lead Great Families is drawn from real experiences my family and I faced. We struggled as a family, and through lots of trial and error, we built a solution — a framework — to thrive as a family. Now, we want others families to succeed, be happy and thrive as well.

Our promise is to turn the “what” into the “how,” so you can start communicating with purpose by utilizing three powerful strategies for being an intentional parent and family: Unity, Clarity and Action.

Unity: Bring Your Family Together

Making things better in your family will require change, and you need to go first. Become a better “me,” for a better “we.” Also, be sure that you and your spouse are aligned in purpose, because together you are stronger. Establish your values, write them down, declare them to your family, and integrate them into a common language within your home. Routinely gather together as a family and communicate. Unity asks you to look more deeply at who you are, what you believe in, and how you do it.

Clarity: Enhance Your Family’s Communication

Bringing clarity to the communication in your home begins with using your values as the framework for that communication. And the best way of bringing clarity is to to be the example. Effective communication builds trust and increases interaction. Control your emotions and be intentional — respond, don’t react. When you’re continuous and consistent with your communication and actions, your family’s communication will become clearer and more effective.

Action: Turn Effort into Experiences and Confidence

A child’s abilities and confidence can be developed through experience: the process of learning by doing. Through effort and trying to find solutions they will learn not only how to do things but how to learn through failures as well as successes. It’s not easy to allow your children to fail, but it’s crucial that you do. Encourage your child to take the first step by trying new things, taking action and focusing on effort rather than results. Action is where your children gain knowledge, experience, and build confidence.

If you worry about your family, want to increase happiness and lead a great family, click here and learn how to put down the devices and start communicating intentionally.

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Author: Dale W. Vernon
Dale, a business and investment advisor and professed imperfect father of three children, is co-author of How Imperfect Parents Lead Great Families. He is a frequent speaker about the importance of establishing family values, creating a culture of communication in your home and being an intentional parent that understands the importance of being the best example you can for your children.
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