Seminars and Speaking Engagements for Culture, Communication, and Values

Dale Vernon speaking to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)
Dale Vernon speaking to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

We get it. Defining and reinforcing communication and values is hard.

Creating an open culture of communication in your business and at home is even harder.

We get it because we’ve been there. For a long time, our family struggled with truly living our values. Establishing and declaring your values is only part of the process. Developing a culture of communication that uses your values as a common language in your business or home is another. We learned it was about developing who we are, what we believe in, and how we do things that allowed us to find the alignment we were looking for.

For our family, it was about finding a way to communicate and manage the daily grind of school, work, activities, and more.  

We tried everything, and more often than not, our efforts were failures. As two busy working parents, we knew we needed a better way. We needed a solution to the problem so many families face — building a family that succeeds by establishing, living, and communicating through their values.

So, we built a solution — a framework — to thrive as a family. We found a way build a better, stronger family while balancing our careers and our home life. Now we want to help other busy parents do the same. It is this framework that we bring to businesses for our seminars and speaking engagements. We work with human resources and employee engagement groups to craft sessions that help people understand the importance of values in their families and companies so they can improve the communication skills that drive a positive culture in an organization.

Our Seminars and Speaking Engagements Bring Our Methodology To Your Business

Dale Vernon talks at Progressive
Dale Vernon talks to corporate groups at Progressive

It’s not about being a superhero and it’s definitely not about being perfect. It’s about looking within and taking active steps to improve yourself in order to improve your family, and it’s about learning how to truly communicate — at home and at work — by listening, understanding, and engaging in conversations that build trust.

We conduct seminars for companies and groups of all shapes and sizes. From corporate groups at companies like Progressive to business networks like the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), we’ve helped busy professionals turn common sense into common practice. We’d love to come to your organization and do the same.

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